Certification framework for carbon removals

Carbon removal solutions in the forest-based industry can be incentivized without loosing focus on the core issue in climate mitigation: removing all fossil emissions. It is important to recognize the total climate contribution from all parts of bioeconomy and forestry – be that improved forestry methods, products that store carbon or technologies such as bio-CCS.

On 30 November 2022, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Union certification framework for carbon removals. The proposal aims to boost innovative carbon removal technologies and sustainable carbon farming solutions and contribute to the EU’s climate and environmental goals.  
The Swedish Forest Industries welcomes the initiative and wishes to make the following points:  

  • Safeguard continued climate mitigation efforts through substitution of fossil products with biobased products. 
  • Encourage active sustainable forest management as a means to achieve stable carbon removal. 
  • Focus on all long-term carbon removals that do not have a negative impact on other sustainable development goals. 
  • Develop certification methodologies, especially verification protocols, in a transparent process. 

Read more in our position paper attached above.