What we do

The Swedish Forest Industries Federation represents companies that refine wood into fossil-free and renewable materials and products. Our mission is to improve the competitiveness of the industry and encourage greater use of forest products and enabling the green transition.

Business policy 

Political decisions regarding energy, forests, climate, transport and more affect the conditions in which companies operate and their ability to compete internationally. The Swedish Forest Industry Federation is an obvious discussion partner and referral body, and it maintains continuous dialogue with politicians, authorities and other actors. The Swedish Forest Industries also gives the industry a voice in the EU. 

Research and innovation 

The Swedish Forest Industries strives to strengthen research and innovation linked to forests, industry and the bioeconomy in Sweden and the EU. 

Advocacy work 

The Swedish Forest Industries shares knowledge and forms opinions on key industry issues and for a sustainable green transition. 

Swedish Wood 

Through marketing, influencing attitudes and building knowledge, Swedish Forest Industries strives for the increased use of wood. Read more about activities at Swedish Wood webpage.

Träbyggnadkansliet (Sweden’s Timber Construction Office)

Sweden’s Träbyggnadkansli is a collaboration between Swedish Forest Industries and Trä- och Möbelföretagen, (the Association of Timber and Furniture Companies), that works for the increased use of wood in construction and the growth of the industrial wood construction sector in Sweden. Read more about Träbyggnadskansliet on their webpage, it is in Swedish.

Industry and market analysis

Swedish Forest Industries compiles industry and market statistics as a service to member companies, the media and others. It also serves as an important basis for the Federation’s work. Reports and analysis are effective ways to highlight the importance of the forest industry to Sweden.