The Swedish Forest Industries' Federation works on a number of issues with a large number of other industry associations and business organisations.

CEI-Bois, Confédération Européenne des Industries de Bois, is the European umbrella organisation for sawmills and other woodworking industries.

CEPI, Confederation of European Paper Industries, represents European pulp and paper industries in 18 countries (seventeen EU states plus Norway).,

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, represents something over 60,000 small, medium-sized and large companies. The Swedish Forest Industries' Federation is a member of Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, together with fortynine other industrial and employees' organisations.

GFF, the Swedish Graphic Companies' Federation represents 550 member companies and is an employer and trade organisation for Swedish companies within the graphic and packaging industry as well as other sectors associated with the graphic industry.

ICFPA, International Council of Forest and Paper Associations, is a forum for the global forest industry.

Industrirådet is made up of leading representatives of Swedish employer and employee organisations within the industrial sector.

LRF Skogsägarna, The Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners, is a national organisation representing the four forestry associations Södra, Mellanskog, Norrskog and Norra skogsägarna. The forestry associations ave a total of 112,000 forest owners who together own 6.1 million hectares of productive forest.

The Swedish Shippers' Council for transport users, is a collaborative venture within the transport field involving the following industry associations: Skogsindustrierna– the Swedish Forest Industries' Federation, Teknikföretagen – the Association of Swedish Engineering Partnerships with other organisations Industries', Svenskt Handel – the Swedish Trade Federation, Plast- & Kemiföretagen – the Swedish Plastics and Chemicals Federation, SveMin – the Swedish Association of Mines, Mineral and Metal Producers, Jernkontoret – the Swedish Steel Producers' Association.

SKGS, Skogen, Kemin, Gruvorna och Stålet, is a collaboration in the field of energy between the four industrial associations The Swedish Forest Industries' Federation, The Swedish Plastics & Chemicals Federation, SveMin, The Swedish Association of Mines, Mineral and Metal Producers and The Swedish Steel Producers' Association.

SLA, The Federation of Swedish Forestry and Agricultural Employers, represent some 4,000 member companies within forestry, agriculture, animal care, golf, landscaping and horticulture. Our purpose is to look after the interests of the member companies in their role as employers.

TMF, The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry, is the national trade and employers' association of the wood processing and furniture industry in Sweden.