What is bioeconomy?

Grön jordglob

Bioeconomy is the first choice route to addressing climate change. In what ways does the forestry industry benefit the climate? We think there are three main ways.

No 1: Forest growth

Active forest management is best for the climate! It is growing forests that bind carbon. The climate benefit of Sweden's forests now completely offsets the country's total carbon dioxide emissions. The more forest we have growing, the greater the increase in carbon storage.

No 2: Carbon storage in products

The carbon taken up by trees remains in the products. A house or a bridge in wood is not only attractive to look at and quick to build. It also offers the advantages of low energy consumption in construction, easy recycling and simple transport. Furthermore, it binds carbon throughout its entire life cycle. All forest industry products bind carbon until they are ready for disposal. They can then be used for bioenergy.

No 3: The substitution effect

The forest industry's products come from renewable resources. They can replace fossil-based products. Such substitution is of great benefit to the climate. Boxes made from paper rather than plastics... Biofuels instead of petrol and diesel... Bioenergy instead of fossil energy... All these substitutions help the climate.

It is the combination of the results of these three ways that makes the climate impact of forests so far-reaching.