Self impact with a conscience - today

Three climate-friendly food containers that can be found in Swedish supermarkets.

1. Chopped tomatoes in cartons

There are many advantages of using cartons made from renewable forest materials instead of glass or aluminum cans. Tetra Recart packaging, used by many food manufacturers to pack crushed tomatoes or beans, weighs 64% less than a tin can. By choosing this packaging made from renewable forest materials, we can save tons of resources, while reducing the product's carbon footprint and the impact of transportation.

2. Milk & yoghurt in unbleached carton

By using unbleached pulp and doing without a clay coating, the new eco carton for milk, cream and soured milk has a 24% lower impact on the environment than the previous packaging. Furthermore, the new carton is 3% lighter, which has a huge impact on the product's transportation footprint. The package's protective barrier is made from bioplastic, as is the cap and the spout.

3. Crème fraîche without the plastic container

Made from cardboard instead of plastic, Arla's new crème fraîche packaging has great benefits for the environment. What's more, the new container is sealed with plastic-reinforced paper foil instead of aluminum, and the lid is primarily made of recycled plastic. Indeed, the new packaging more than halves the product's environmental impact, compared to its previous packaging.