Research is the engine of a circular bio-based society 

Photo: Samuel Unéus

Swedish forestry and Sweden’s forest industry are in a growth phase and are world leaders in several fields of research. As a result, Swedish forestry has fantastic opportunities to contribute to societal development that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Research creates a basis for the forest industry to invest in and develop solutions that offer long-term profitability and global competitiveness that contribute to more sustainable consumption and climate benefits worldwide.

With the help of well-established joint research programmes, it is possible to achieve even more. Broad-based collaboration between all green industries and within bio-based processing, with academia and other institutions, lays the foundations for extensive research and is a key innovation driver. Forest and forest industry research also needs international collaboration to maintain the highest standards and produce global effects. Properly prioritised research underpins good profitability and global competitiveness.

The forest industry sees the following research priorities as paving the way for the transition to a more circular bio-based society:

  • Increased growth of forest raw materials in a forest industry that is digitalised and sustainable for the long-term, which supports functioning ecosystems and biological diversity, and that minimises the risk of damage and fires.
  • Increased proportion of wood in construction as a significant and cost-effective climate measure and as a matter of course in sustainable social development.
  • More bio-based materials and products to replace existing fossil alternatives to increase the amount of bio-based solutions in new markets.
  • Improved production processes to underpin continued global competitiveness, and to ensure the efficient use of forest raw materials and energy.

Research areas for the forestry industry of the future 

The forestry industry has considerable opportunities to facilitate sustainable development in several areas. The areas presented below are based on the forestry industry’s and the research community’s joint assessment of areas where increased research will create opportunities to accelerate moves towards a circular bio-based society.