EU Deforestation Regulation and wood

Photo: Mostphotos

The EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is officially adopted and entered into force in June 2023. EUDR aims to stop deforestation and forest degradation associated with specific products placed on or exported from the EU market (EUDR), in particular agriculture crops, but also wood products and solid biofuels. The main provisions in the regulation will apply in December 2024.

This new regulation, EUDR, will replace EUTR (European Timber Regulation 995/2010). 

EUDR is aimed at operators or traders placing products on the EU market or exporting them from the EU. They shall perform due diligence, collect geolocation data and minimize risks of deforestation or forest degradation. However, all companies in the value chain must make sure that the mentioned operators/traders have presented valid due diligence statements from the EU Information System.  

There are still uncertainties on how traceability and due diligence shall be performed, which will be further clarified in the EU Commission work group on the issue. Further aspects regarding competent national authority and risk-classification of countries will be clarified in the Member States implementation processes. 

Swedish companies placing wood and wood-based products on the market will of course align with this new regulation and meet the legal requirements in within set time frames. However, it will not be possible until the necessary systems are set in place by the EU Commission and Member States.  

This information will be updated during the progress of implementation.